Smart Way

CollecToll aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically in a free flow mode, increases the efficiency and throughput at the Toll Plazas. Electronic Toll Collection System offered by Green Tech fully compliant to the standards set by NHAI & Ministry of Roads, Transport & Highways

  • Secure, reliable and efficient way of operating modern day Tolling
  • Reduces fuel consumption by removing the need to stop by eliminating deceleration/acceleration time
  • Reduces the number of personnel required for toll collection
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Enhance passenger convenience
  • Reduces lose currency issue and unifying the monetary system

The Electronic Toll Collection System

In today’s world of advanced technology, electronic toll system is getting popular at high speed. It is the system in which systems are used and it collects toll from vehicles passing through highway, expressway, and many other roads. Those days have gone when people used to collect toll charges by sitting in booths. Now, the driver has no need to carry cash for purchasing toll as a Hybrid Electronic Toll Collection System has arrived in the world. It has made a Toll Collecting System easy and simple. This process of the collector system is very fast and efficient. It also helps in saving lots of time as vehicles pass through the toll plaza. And no need to stop in a long queue for paying the toll. With all these features there are numerous benefits of using electronic collection system such as



The electronic machine is very useful as users have no need to wait for their turn and in this way they can save their lots of time. Now the automatic machine of collecting payment is getting famous among countries and it also helps in reducing corruption. In this way, they have to pay the applicable amount according to their vehicle

Emission Control

At the past times while waiting at long queue people have to accelerate and this creates harmful vehicular emission of gases. But with the use of Hybrid Electronic Toll Collection System, it has reduced the amount of emission. It also helps in the reduction of air pollutant and it is very beneficial for toll plazas. It could adversely affect the surrounding areas when the vehicle stops / is in waiting mode

Increased Capacity

With the use of Electronic Toll Collecting System, it has been observed that the capacity of the lane has also increased. It has increased the capacity by three folds and toll plazas are now able to decrement in congestion. Now you can explore our services which stands out in Electronic Toll Collection Companies in India

Fuel Saving

We all know that today fuel rates have been increasing day by day and when vehicles have to stop at toll plazas for their turn, it wastes the fuel but now with the use of Electronic Toll Collection System in India, it has completely reduced the wasting. The main aim of the system is to save fuel for the future. With this, it also plays an important role in reducing the operating cost of vehicles