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GreenTech is an accomplished player


In the Global arena and aims to integrate information and communication technologies with transport infrastructure to improve economic performance, safety, mobility and environmental sustainability. GreenTech has a more comprehensive approach towards System Design, Implementation and Service. This provides significant value addition to our clients. GREENTECH has been doing overall procurement, supply, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance related activities on projects

GreenTech Encompasses Technologies Which Lead To:
  • Better Management and Operations of the existing infrastructure including Intelligent Transportation to ease congestion and respond to crisis
  • Safer and more convenient travel for commuters
  • Management, Operation, Expansion and Reconfiguration of Transportation systems
  • Safe, Efficient and Secure Intelligent Transportation system providing increased revenue generation to the concessionaire and reduced fuel consumption and environmental impact


years of experience

Our system offers substantial cost savings while meeting all the typical tolling requirements such as accurate vehicle counting and classification, full audit capability, flexible methods of payment, barcoded daily passes and pass through-s, detailed MIS reporting, data security and efficient detection. Our flawless Auditing system allows us to maximize the return on logistics giving us the confidence in the accuracy and value of our expenditure

Our Vision

Enable Indian Traffic Infrastructure Meet Global Standards

At Greentech, we constantly attempt to create an image of the future we seek to create. We apply advanced technologies coupled with effective communication systems and controls in order to improve safety, efficiency and service by transmitting real-time information. We seek to open our products and services to as many customers as possible by cutting costs, taking advantage of economies of scale and trimming profit margins

Our Mission

Delivering Infrastructure sustainability

Our mission is to ensure:

  • To provide a slew of services and equipments at par with the highest international standards to ease the trending traffic problems while providing analyses and insights for the foreseeable future
  • To facilitate seamless Transportation Systems
  • Transportation systems are safe, customer oriented, performance driven, and innovative, enabled by information from a fully integrated spectrum of computing, communications, and sensor technologies
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